Thursday, March 12, 2009

Theme ideas

Devenger has said he’s unsure what to make the theme so maybe we should think up ideas in this post.


SingularByte: he/him

12-03-2009 09:13:47 UTC

My idea would be the dynasty dynasty, a dynasty where everyone would be a family of rulers.


12-03-2009 10:00:22 UTC

Something based around optional subgames might be interesting, small things that contributed to a common victory goal. So the General could run the main thread of things, and allow other people to run minigame-type things.

Kevan: he/him

12-03-2009 12:07:15 UTC

Where did he say he’s unsure? His DoV ends with talk of “jobs in the film industry”, which sounds like a good enough theme to me.


12-03-2009 13:12:41 UTC

“Something based around optional subgames might be interesting, small things that contributed to a common victory goal. So the General could run the main thread of things, and allow other people to run minigame-type things.”

A bit similar to that last messy Metadynasty, no?


12-03-2009 17:34:26 UTC

@Oze: Well, there were three subgames in the last Metadynasty, and they were all “win a nomic with no theme”. Winning an unthemed nomic is generally harder than winning a themed one, as it’s rarely possible to do it “within the structure of the game”. Little lightweight things which are either heavily themed or designed to be won would be really quite different.


12-03-2009 19:18:06 UTC

I eluded to the theme I’m likely to go for in my DoV:

...unless anyone fancies jobs in the film industry? Hear there’s an action movie in production. You won’t have to worry about ammo or loyalty, I don’t think… just bring whatever weapon you like to the set, we’ll see what happens.

The base theme would be that players are action scene scriptwriters and choreographers (most likely just ‘Scripters’) in an upcoming action movie, which the ‘Producer’ (the emperor) insists has to break film records on number of action scenes and total body count.

My first proposal(s) would form a system whereby the Producer makes a story post, that is a new ‘Act’ in the film. Scripters roll a dice in the GNDT to get their next scene’s body count, then write a 25 word scene description/direction that fits their random body count (e.g. ‘Protagonist drives through wall, empties machineguns into glass office cubicles killing 6, delivers cliché phrase before kicking head off supervisor, head flies 20ft. away’ would be suitable for a 7-kill scene). The Scripter then adds to their Body Count value in the GNDT. When the total of all scene’s body counts hits the Death Requirement set by the Producer, no more scenes can be made until there is a new Act.

Possible expansions would be voting on specified scenes to increase or decrease the Frag Rate (size of dice) of a Scripter (based on how good their description is), allowing Scripters to create Acts in the Producer’s absence, and adding ridiculous constraints (prop lists, required dialogue). You guys will come up with better ideas maybe.

Finally: I’ll encourage win conditions that are based on a player winning by general consensus. That way, the theme will end when it is time for a change.

I’ve said too much! You guys need to corrupt my idea now :D


12-03-2009 20:48:38 UTC

Well, there are some similarities to arth’s last dynasty, but otherwise it’s alright.


12-03-2009 20:57:17 UTC

Well, you can destroy the theme entirely, I’m not a fan of the veto-stick.

Logging off until tomorrow evening, so no Ascension Address for 20 hours ish.


12-03-2009 21:07:48 UTC

Ant Dynasty!

arthexis: he/him

12-03-2009 22:47:41 UTC

I like Devenger’s idea, it kinda goes in a different direction from mine, but I think it could be fun.  for


12-03-2009 23:03:46 UTC

I too like Devenger’s idea. It’s run more by story post-type things than numbers and rules (OSH MASSIVE GNDT), and ends the best way I see: a popularity contest.

Darknight: he/him

13-03-2009 00:53:58 UTC


That reminds me of Z-Man Games B-movie card game lol


13-03-2009 00:57:30 UTC

I like Dev’s idea.


13-03-2009 13:37:58 UTC

@darknight or Cheapass games Deadwood.

Can we change the background to a work friendly white?

arthexis: he/him

13-03-2009 15:10:48 UTC

@dev: make your DoV already, I like your theme.

@gill: We will have to wait until Dev picks a theme to change the theme, however I agree abut getting more office friendly colors

Kevan: he/him

13-03-2009 16:03:05 UTC

I’ve put up a quick film-script-style header and background colour, for now, to make it clear that we’re moving into a new dynasty.