Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Story Post: Voting on Act 2

Now that Act 2 is closed, you can vote on the best and worst scenes in comments on this post.



03-24-2009 02:14:22 UTC

Best Scene: Night out.
Worst Scene: Doom on the Horizon


03-24-2009 07:01:08 UTC

Best Scene: Establishing Motivation
Worst Scene: Crash and burn

Note: It was *very* tough voting on a worst scene! they’re all far better than in the first act; I chose this one because I thought it would have been more awesome with more description :P


03-24-2009 07:14:30 UTC

Worst Scene: Crash and burn


03-24-2009 07:21:36 UTC

Best scene: The Farmhouse
Worst Scene: Tactical Retreat


03-24-2009 10:56:24 UTC

Scenes are now up on the wiki.

Best scene: Shadows.
Worst scene: Crash and burn.


03-24-2009 13:15:27 UTC

Best Scene: Love Hurts
Worst Scene: Crash and burn


03-24-2009 18:34:56 UTC

Best scene: Shadows
Worst secene: Furure Sidekick

thanks Flu I’ll work on it


03-24-2009 19:49:39 UTC

Best Scene: Quake Machine

Why?: tree-throwin’


03-25-2009 03:37:23 UTC

I think the rules may require you to also pick a Worst Scene, Devenger, but you don’t have to do it right now, of course.


03-25-2009 05:05:59 UTC

Best Scene: Establishing Motivation
Worst Scene: Love Hurts


03-25-2009 22:51:24 UTC

Okay, I’m not sure how to rule on this now the rule has changed. Are any of these votes even valid any more?


03-25-2009 22:56:35 UTC

‘all Scripters who contributed to that Act may vote on which Scene they feel fitted best into each of the following categories, each of which has a Popularity award’

I think these votes are valid since these people contributed to the Act, and have voted on one or two of the categories, and yet this rule implies that for the vote to be valid, all categories must be voted for by each person voting… now I’m confused too!


03-26-2009 00:40:45 UTC

Perhaps these are all valid because of the word “may?”


03-26-2009 04:31:37 UTC

You prob should have judged this before the update kicked in lol. BTW, is Act 3 done or do i have time to add to it? I’ve been busy and haven’t really checked


03-27-2009 23:09:32 UTC

Act 3 remains unfinished, even though it could be.


03-28-2009 09:04:08 UTC

Okay folks, next time somebody makes a rule that involves voting, please describe the voting more thoroughly…

I’m declaring this closed. Even if we did vote again using the new categories, we couldn’t vote for some categories because there are no valid scenes for those categories. So, ‘Establishing Motivation’ (Josh) and ‘Shadows’ (ais523) win Best Scene. ‘Crash and burn’ (Psychotipath) gets Worst Scene.