Thursday, August 02, 2007

Proposal: A healthy monkey is a happy monkey

Quorumed Against 1-9

Adminned at 03 Aug 2007 17:16:09 UTC

If the proposals ‘Going bananas’ and ‘Fritos, Take 2’ both fail, this proposal does nothing.

Add a new dynastic rule called ‘Health’ with the following text:

Each Monkey has a certain amount of Health, which is tracked in the GNDT as an integer in the ‘Health’ column. New Monkeys start with 10 Health.

Daily, a Monkey may eat either a Bag of Fritos or a Banana in order to increase their health. To do this, they lose one of whichever foodstuff they wish to eat and increase their health by two.

If a Monkey’s Health is zero or below, they are considered Dead. Dead Monkeys may not do anything except go Idle voluntarily. If a Monkey has been Dead for more than a week, they have all their GNDT values set to default and their dance moves are erased from the Monkey Dynasty Gamestate Documents. Monkeys may not do anything that directly causes them to become Dead.

If ‘Fritos, Take 2’ passed but ‘Going bananas’ failed, replace ‘either a Bag of Fritos or a Banana’ in the above rule with ‘a Bag of Fritos’.
If vice versa, replace ‘either a Bag of Fritos or a Banana’ in the above rule with ‘a Banana’.

Add a subrule of ‘Health’ called ‘Resurrection’ with the following text:

Any non-Dead Monkey may Resurrect any Dead Monkey by giving them enough Health to leave them with a positive amount of Health. The resurrecting Monkey may then make a post to the blog entitled ‘Resurrection Payment’, containing a list of items and their quantity. The resurrected Monkey must then give the resurrecting Monkey the items listed in the entry. The payment may not include Health, and may not cause any of the paying Monkey’s GNDT values to become illegal. e.g. Negative, not an integer etc.

Add the following text to the rule called ‘Doing the Dance’, before the text ‘The following dance moves…’:

Monkeys must be fit in order to dance. If the Physical Requirements of a dance move is greater than a Monkey’s Health, that Monkey may not perform that dance move. All dance moves cost one Health to perform.

Add the following text to the beginning of all dance moves in the rule called ‘Doing the Dance’:

Physical Requirements: 2

We could add some high-energy dance moves to the rule to encourage healthy monkeys, and I was thinking about doing a Monkey Hammer as well. But this is enough for the time being.



08-02-2007 11:03:11 UTC

I am pondering weather to just against this or to veto it out right. I dislike the idea of monkeys dieing. I dislike the idea of any sort of required actions this dynasty—I’d rather have it all done by the monkey line. And the whole physical requirement doesn’t make any sense either, as the monkey isn’t actually the one preforming the dance move. So yeah, its not so bad that I am going to kill it, but Im still not a fan of this proposal.

Oracular rufio:

08-02-2007 14:01:28 UTC

I’d rather not be restricted in dance moves (we can already only use what’s prescribed in the ruleset anyway), especially since Monkeys won’t be able to control when the dance is performed and might easily become Dead through too many dance moves.

So,  imperial  which is to say against


08-02-2007 14:18:30 UTC

imperial I like the overall concept but it needs some work to get there.


08-02-2007 14:18:41 UTC

How about Unconscious Monkeys? Would that be better?


08-02-2007 14:21:35 UTC

Thinking about it, it is rather off-colour. I’ll go against, this needs to be a friendly dynasty.


08-02-2007 19:57:23 UTC


not bad, but I don’t really think it fits the so-far lightheartedness of this dynasty.


08-02-2007 21:51:39 UTC

against for reasons lifted above


08-03-2007 13:22:43 UTC



08-03-2007 13:30:46 UTC



08-03-2007 13:53:32 UTC