Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Core rules protosal: Emperor not subject to the limitation on proposal slots

I wanted to float this as a trial balloon before making a proposal: I suggest that a given dynasty’s emperor should not be limited to two proposal slots.  If the emperor has more slots, then at the start of the dynasty an emperor can post several proposals suggesting his initial thoughts as to game mechanics, rather than posting one or two mega-proposals that try to introduce a large number of unrelated things (some of which may work better than others).

I think that a total exemption from the proposal slot limit would work fine, but is there a preference for a higher but not infinite cap (say, four or five proposal slots)?



27-04-2010 19:17:50 UTC

This would make sense, I think. (If the emperor starts spamming proposals, that could be dealt with by CFJ.) It might also be worthwhile so that the emperor could post proposals for other people who were out of slots at the time.


27-04-2010 19:22:23 UTC

Hm, nice idea.

But we should also increase the number of Proposals per day (currently 3 for a non Emperor Player). I assume we could delete this phrase for everyone. First, this nearly never happens (eg. because of too many Players at this time, quorum is not reached that fast) and second,

I would not like infinite caps, increasing them to 5 would be fine. If the majority want to, I would agree to some extra clauses like “An Emperor may post a Proposal every time, if at least half of their last week Proposals have been enacted. If not, they may propose as much as other Players” to avoid spamming. But I do not think that‘s necessary. Emperors care for their Dynasty and they know how to play well (as they won at least one Dynasty).


27-04-2010 20:01:25 UTC

I agree with Keba that a hard cap is still in order, mostly because I don’t want to have to read and vote on micro-proposals, and I don’t really want the emperor proposing for other players.

redtara: they/them

28-04-2010 01:19:16 UTC



28-04-2010 05:48:38 UTC


Kevan: City he/him

28-04-2010 09:01:10 UTC

This would put pressure on the Emperor to do all the heavy lifting of a dynasty; in theory, that’s great, there are always minor fixes that never quite happen. In practice, though, I think we’d see a culture developing where players wouldn’t ever use their own proposal slots for minor fixes or reproposals, they’d just ask the Emperor to. It’d be bad for the game if it got to the point where “self-kill, please repropose with ‘48’ changed to ‘24’, Emperor” became a common vote.

[Keba] The three per day limit protects against self-kill scams and spam when the queue is empty; in an empty queue, an admin can self-kill their own proposal and repropose it immediately.


28-04-2010 11:32:15 UTC

I think Kevan’s explanation is pretty convincing.  A slightly higher slot limit for the emperor (perhaps 3 rather than 2) might be appropriate, but not unlimited.