Monday, June 01, 2009

Diary entry 01/06 Psychotipath

It is very strange since last I left the kitchen many people have left, and many people are now staring at me menacingly. I think I had better start hiding somewhere until it all dies down Darth cliche appears to be the one responsible but i don’t knoiw what to do about it especially as so many people seem to dislike him already. I only cam ehere to try and make friends.

In other news Rodlen has come into the kitchen and asked me to try and work out how to fit a Cessna into the fridge. I think it might take me a while to sort out but it should be doable.

On that note I’d better go back to solving that problem.



06-01-2009 16:18:31 UTC

Nothing personal - just needed to save myself from elimination, and the only people who were being voted for were me, Qwaz, and you.


06-01-2009 16:30:48 UTC

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06-01-2009 16:34:16 UTC

Darth’s comment has been edited to close the HTML tag.



06-01-2009 18:46:38 UTC

Yeah Psycho, we only started Voting for you because you were Voting for yourself at the time.


06-03-2009 17:20:27 UTC

So, thats called neutrality.