Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Proposal: Don’t feed the Deathclaws either LEGALLY

Vetoed -Darth

Adminned at 26 Aug 2009 09:48:10 UTC

Add a subrule of Food and Water entitled “Can’t keep it all”:

Every Monday at 00:00:01, ONE Survivor MUST roll DICEX in the GNDT, where X is Food and Water. Then Food and Water shall be decreased by the resulting number.



08-25-2009 15:58:18 UTC


Ienpw III:

08-25-2009 16:00:47 UTC

Hm. I created this proposal after my other one was vetoed, but the timestamp is BEFORE. Ah well, I’ll let you all deal with it. Bye.


08-25-2009 16:26:37 UTC



08-25-2009 18:01:05 UTC



08-25-2009 19:22:34 UTC

So someone has to stay up until midnight? Then roll at exactly one second past? Hmm imperial


08-25-2009 23:00:53 UTC

against per dogfish


08-25-2009 23:41:07 UTC

CoV against  yuri suggested that we handle it the same way as we did in the last dynasty with the weekly repeal. However, I think that was illegal in the first place.


08-26-2009 00:00:27 UTC

Oh, and dogfish: The “stay up until midnight” part is moot. Remember that all BlogNomic time is UTC. In Mountain Time, for example, it’s 5 PM. In Pacific Time, it’s 4 PM. In Alaska and Hawaii, it’s only 3:00 PM! In Central and Eastern time, it’s 6:00 and 7:00, respectively. On the East Coast of Australia, it’s 10 AM, and in Darwin and Adelaide it’s 9:30. In New Zealand it’s noon.


08-26-2009 00:21:13 UTC

This is more easily enforced as ‘during each week, no player can take an action (in the GNDT/at all) until…’ 

against Impossible to deal with at the moment


08-26-2009 00:28:21 UTC

The way we did it last time, it just said “The Rules are repealed.” It happened whether we updated it at that exact moment, or not.

This, however, would require an action that takes place at an exact moment. Further, it doesn’t specify a punishment if the action is ignored, so it’s not really tenable.

I think we’ll be able to idle yuri soon.


08-26-2009 00:47:21 UTC

Wait, Alaska and Hawaii are in different time zones.


08-26-2009 00:48:22 UTC

against No please


08-26-2009 00:55:26 UTC



08-26-2009 01:31:47 UTC



08-26-2009 01:53:03 UTC

Qwaz: The Aleutians are in the Hawaii time zone, and I got confused. In Alaska, it’s 3; in Hawaii and the Aleutians, it’s 2:00.


08-26-2009 10:37:05 UTC

against Insisting that someone does something at an exact time each week, without specifying who, will be a disaster; we’ll be in a mess of CFJs the first time it doesn’t happen at the exact time specified.


08-26-2009 16:47:42 UTC

veto  per ais; I hate CfJs.