Friday, October 31, 2008

Due diligence

I’m trying to comply with the instruction to “send a private message or email to the Clan Lord” as part of a duel.  However, the Clan Lord in question is not receiving private messages (arrr!), and whenever I try to send an email, I get told “The following errors were encountered: * You are not allowed to use the Email Console”.

Can anyone help me out before I lose Honor due to technical difficulties?



10-31-2008 22:45:58 UTC

I’ve sent you an email via the console.  It should contain my mail address.

Hello Sailor:

10-31-2008 23:58:53 UTC

Thanks, that was enough to get my moves sent in.  But it’s still a mystery why I can’t use the email console myself.


11-01-2008 02:36:32 UTC

I think for some reason you have to be an Admin or something crazy like that.