Saturday, May 23, 2009

GNDT mis-vote fixes

As per the powers given to us in 1.7 Gamestate Tracking, I fixed some errors I saw in the gamestate. Devenger was turned into an Outsider by the change of two votes, both of which I think were illegal: my vote was changed to Devenger, despite the fact that my support was also Devenger, and ais523’s vote was changed even though, as Host, he is excluded by most rules, including 2.1.2

(Also note, that I changed my vote and Devenger’s vote accidentally while fumbling with the GNDT. It has a will of its own, sometimes. I fixed those mistakes.)



05-23-2009 18:15:14 UTC

Ya, I think we might need to add a new set of statistics for ais523, so that no confusion takes place.


05-23-2009 19:22:17 UTC

Or just drop him from the GNDT for this dynasty, since he explicitly doesn’t actually possess any of the player variables created by the dynastic rules.