Sunday, August 12, 2007

Proposal: Have you been awesome yet today?

Timed out (5-1)
Enacted by Hix.

Adminned at 14 Aug 2007 10:57:25 UTC

Add a new rule called ‘Awesomeness’

There is a stat tracked in the GNDT called ‘Awesomeness’. Each monkey starts with 0 awesomeness. If a monkey does not already have an ‘Awesomeness Post’ pending, e may spend three bananas and make a post to the blog called ‘Acknowledge the Awesomeness of XXX’ where XXX is the name of another monkey. This post is called an ‘Awesomeness Post’ and the context of the post should outline an action which that monkey preformed which should be marked for its awesomeness. For the next forty eight hours, monkeys may vote either for or against this post. If, at the end of the forty eight hour period, more than a quorum of the active monkeys voted FOR the proposal then the monkey named in the proposal gains one awesomeness.

I know what you are going to say. Why would anyone spend 3 bananas to help another monkey? And then why would anyone vote for something that helps another monkey? But Awesomness doesn’t currently do anything (though if this passes, it probably will later) and this has been a friendly dynasty so far.

Examples of awesomeness could be a really cleaver set of dance moves, a cool proposal, dislodging King Kong for his mighty throne or any number of equally awesome actions.



08-12-2007 19:31:19 UTC

for (Dare I say it?) Awesome!


08-12-2007 20:30:55 UTC


After the cutthroat last dynasty, a friendlier one is good (not that I wasn’t trying my best to cutthroat everyone)

Maybe awesomeness could be spend on extra (temp or permanent?) dance moves, like the meter on Guitar Hero, as you feel it up by being awesome, you can use it later to be even more awesome.


08-13-2007 12:26:42 UTC


Elias IX:

08-13-2007 22:38:50 UTC



08-14-2007 09:30:32 UTC

against Enough stats.


08-14-2007 17:57:11 UTC

Cheese!  Blessings!  Shiny!