Saturday, August 07, 2010

Proposal: Mandatory Bonus Duties!

Times out at 3-7, Fails. - lilomar

Adminned at 09 Aug 2010 09:22:56 UTC

Create a YELLOW rule, “MBDs”:-

Citizens may have a single Mandatory Bonus Duty (MBD), which is tracked in a GNDT field, “MBD”. A MBD is one of: Team Leader, Loyalty Officer, Hygiene Officer, Happiness Officer, or Equipment Guy. If a Citizen is said to be a specific MBD, it means that they have that MBD. When the word ‘Officer’ is used as part of the name of an MBD, that term is distinct from the general term ‘Officer’. Being an MBD with the word ‘Officer’ in it, and being an ‘Officer’ are not implicative of each other.

The High-Programmer may grant and remove the MBD of Team Leader for misuse of power or for not fulfilling the responsibilities of Team Leader.

Create a subrule to “MBDs”: “Team Leader”:-

The Team Leader is trusted by The Computer above the other Citizens on their team. Whenever a Citizen becomes Team Leader, they are Promoted by one Clearance Level (unless doing so would cause them to cease to be a Citizen). Whenever a Citizen stops being Team Leader, they are Demoted by one Clearance Level. If the Team Leader feels that a Citizen is not fulfilling the responsibilities of their MBD, or that a Citizen has been over-fulfilling the responsibilities of their MBD, they may remove that Citizen’s MBD. If a Citizen does not have an MBD, the Team Leader may assign one to them, but may not assign them the MBD of Team Leader.

The motto of the Team Leader is “Never Let Them See You Sweat”

Create a subrule to “MBDs”: “Loyalty Officer”:-

Loyalty Officers are responsible for maintaining loyalty among the team members. Whenever a Citizen makes a blog post or comment which a Loyalty Officer feels shows a lack of respect for Alpha Complex, The Computer, or shows blatant disrespect to someone or something of higher Clearance than that Citizen, then the Loyalty Officer may increase the Citizen’s Treason by one.

The motto of the Loyalty Officer is “Everyone’s Guilty of Something”

Create a subrule to “MBDs”: “Hygiene Officer”:-

Hygiene Officers are the backbone of any good Troubleshooter team. CPU performance tracking statistics show [CLASSIFIED] percent of Troubleshooter missions fail due to poor hygiene. If a Hygiene Officer feels that a Citizen has been sloppy in a comment or blog post, then they may increase that Citizen’s Treason by one.

The motto of the Hygiene Officer is “A Clean Team is a Mean Team”

Create a subrule to “MBDs”: “Happiness Officer”:-

Happiness Officers are responsible for the happiness of the other Citizens. If a Happiness Officer feels that a Citizen has been unhappy in a blog post or comment, then they should attempt to cheer them up. If they respond negatively to the attempted cheering up, then the Happiness Officer may give them one Treason Point.

The motto of the Happiness Officer is “Happiness is Mandatory”

Create a subrule to “MBDs”: “Equipment Guy”:-

“Equipment Guy” is synonymous with “Bots/Weapons/Vehicles/Sundry Equipment Repair and Maintenance Officer”. Equipment Guys are responsible for assigned mission equipment that gets lost, stolen or damaged. If an Equipment Guy feels that any Citizen is responsible for damaging, losing, or otherwise being careless with equipment, they may increase the Treason of the responsible Citizen by one.

The motto of the Equipment Guy is “Maintenance is Job 1”

Make coppro a Team Leader.

“Citizen Coppro-O, where are the rest of your teammates?”
“I do not know Friend Computer, they were right behind me a second ago.”
*Coppro-O looks back at the tacnuke crater.*



08-07-2010 17:45:44 UTC

You get to be a Team Leader by misusing your power.  You get removed from being Team Leader by misusing your power.  Strong arrow .

Unfortunately, due to the lack of a frequency restriction on the treason increases (once per post?), I have to vote against this or else any MBD-holder in a position to assign a treason point to someone with lower rank can terminate their victim an arbitrarily large number of times and gain an arbitrarily large number of PP.



08-07-2010 18:27:31 UTC

against Per Bucky - being able to assign a Treason Point when you “feel” something is obviously abusable.

Ienpw III:

08-07-2010 18:41:13 UTC

for per Bucky/Kevan.


08-08-2010 00:02:33 UTC



08-08-2010 04:50:17 UTC

I had planned for the Team Leader to regulate the abuse of the other MBDs (plus, there are CoC directives in place to punish that sort of thing).

Any suggestions on how to keep the same feel, but correct those problems?


08-08-2010 06:45:41 UTC

1)Restrict all powers to 1/day, including Team Leader’s remove MBD power
2)Forbid a Team Leader from changing the MBD of a Team Leader (themselves or others)
3)Assign multiple Team Leaders to keep each other in check


08-08-2010 18:28:44 UTC

against per Bucky

Additionally, why should coppro become Yellow Clearance?


08-09-2010 03:38:39 UTC

because the Computer trusts me. imperial


08-09-2010 07:50:39 UTC



08-09-2010 13:57:53 UTC



08-09-2010 15:12:49 UTC

arrow  against