Friday, October 08, 2010


Congratulations to Thane Q for decrypting my code! Apparently it was a pain, but you succeded. =)

Now, for the Archives in question: I have managed to recover the old BlogNomic, from the time it was hosted at . The whole site can be browsed from the Archive EXCEPT for the index.html page, which didn’t convert for some reason. You can start from one of the other pages and browse from there, though. The comments, sadly, are beyond my ability to recover. If someone else has an idea, however, I would be glad to hear it.

The Archive is uploaded here:

Oh, and the site is 114 MB, but I compressed it to 2.22 MB using 7-Zip. If you have problems with the decompression, perhaps using the latest 7-Zip Beta Build would help, as it’s the version I used. However, AFAIK, WinRar works.

Have fun! =D
~ Roujo



10-08-2010 23:34:10 UTC

Holy shit.


10-09-2010 03:36:14 UTC

Well done.


10-09-2010 06:10:32 UTC

The comments were mostly spam by the end anyway.


10-09-2010 07:40:10 UTC



10-09-2010 10:24:00 UTC

What Josh said.

Seventy-Fifth Trombone:

10-09-2010 21:22:31 UTC

Comments at BlogSpot were done primarily (if not solely) with third-party comment services, and (my memory fails me but) I think maybe more than one of them were used over the years.

After Blogger added a comment system of its own those systems started shutting down rapidly, and since Disqus seems to be the only game in town these days, it’s highly doubtful that the comments are salvageable. Even if they were, the way those systems worked would make it decidedly non-trivial to associate them with their original posts.

I think having the entries is as good as we’re going to get, and better than most had hoped for. :)


10-10-2010 02:20:38 UTC


Yeah, that’s what I had understood about the comments. The software I used (Warrick, which is freeware by the way) kept trying to recover comment pages but couldn’t get them back. I figured it was too complicated to recover that kind of third-party stuff.

I’m glad to have been able to contribute to BlogNomic this way, even though I join /way/ after the Blogspot site was gone. =)


10-10-2010 22:32:21 UTC

Sorry =P