Friday, December 04, 2009

Proposal: One more way to skin a cat

Cannot be enacted w/o CoV -Darth

Adminned at 05 Dec 2009 07:07:12 UTC

Change the text in Rule 2.5.1 Basic Spells that currently reads:

The spell “Throw it all in” has “POT” as its activation sequence.

to read:

The spell “Throw it all in” has “POT” and “POR” as its activation sequences.

Full disclosure, I already have POR in my workbench… but it *would* be nice to give people at least one other way to cast this spell…. I cite “Expand Workbench” as a precedent.



12-04-2009 19:09:52 UTC



12-04-2009 19:51:11 UTC

against This is a blatant scam. It’s important that you can’t cast any four-letter spell then be left with the runes to throw it all in again; in this case, you could just cast PORT and POR alternatively, as long as you met the food-related requirements, which would give everyone huge power to scramble up everyone else’s runes.


12-04-2009 20:00:26 UTC

I have no idea what you’re talking about, as I have no intent to scramble anyone’s runes. Honest. I can wholeheartedly and truthfully assert that this is not a scam so that I, or anyone, can scramble others runes.


12-04-2009 20:43:50 UTC

Sure, but it’s scammable either way. CoV against


12-04-2009 20:49:18 UTC

More to the point: now I’ve pointed that out, people would use it, leaving the gamestate pretty much irreparably scrambled.


12-04-2009 21:54:56 UTC

Yup.  against


12-04-2009 22:16:30 UTC

Heh, OK OK, it was a scam… but not THAT scam.

The idea was not to screw up workbenches, it was to let someone give someone else PROUST and end the game quickly.


12-04-2009 22:17:00 UTC

Also, SOS would still protect against this.


12-04-2009 22:17:48 UTC

against  against  against


12-04-2009 23:41:57 UTC

against Lol, gotta love when a scam is sitting right in front of us like this.


12-05-2009 00:08:49 UTC

This is my first attempt at a game-altering scam… I figured even if people saw through it, they might let it go since people seem to want the game over. ;)

Ah well, I’ll just have to learn to be more subtle with any future scams.


12-05-2009 00:12:34 UTC

FYI, If ya do wanna scam I’d go with one that involves a loophole in the rules. During the Pirate vs Ninja dynasty, there was a treasure hunting type rule but it was badly written so instead of having to tech go to where the item was, in this case a wheel that granted victory, Purplebeard said that by just having the map he was able to get the wheel and claim victory. Loophole scams, IMHO anyway, are more legal and in the spirit of nomics then this little scam attempt lol.


12-05-2009 00:16:00 UTC

Gotcha. Even though this was exploiting a loophole in the rules (workbench manipulation for yourself is a timed action, but NOT timed via the PORT spell), it required an additional modification to make use of it. I’ll look for pre-existing holes in the future.


12-05-2009 00:21:42 UTC

If your one to read history might I suggest reading about the Chronos Affair scam? Without a doubt, the best scam in BN’s history lol. Course I forget what dynasty that was in. One of the factory ones I think.


12-05-2009 02:49:13 UTC

@Darknight: First dynasty of Bucky. 



12-05-2009 02:52:13 UTC

Knew someone would figure it out lol


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12-05-2009 05:23:16 UTC

If at least one person CoVs, this fails.


12-05-2009 13:40:55 UTC