Friday, October 15, 2010

Proposal: Public humiliation

Self-killed. —Brendan

Adminned at 16 Oct 2010 22:58:14 UTC

Add to the third paragraph of rule “Objectives”:

When an Operation is failed, D-Ops shall add the codenames of all Agents who were assigned to it to the GNDT (unless they were already present).


Thane Q:

10-15-2010 13:50:08 UTC

against Let’s not clog up the GNDT. Although I would be for some kind of broadcast of the codename and possibly allegiance or identity hint.


10-15-2010 16:09:12 UTC

against Yeah, broadcasts make more sense.


10-15-2010 20:40:57 UTC



10-15-2010 21:34:45 UTC

I disagree. The GNDT is the perfect place to store information about known codenames, especially if we can somehow find (parts of) their descriptions later and match them to Agents that way, which was probably the intent of the proposal that originally created this mechanic.


10-15-2010 21:35:57 UTC

(although admittedly it wouldn’t hurt to broadcast the failure of the Operation and the Codenames involved as well)


10-15-2010 22:03:46 UTC

against Unclear where exactly this would be added. If it’s given on the same row as the Agent with that Codename, it seems like a harsh penalty for failing a randomly-assigned task which may be impossible. If it’s dumped somewhere else, it’s just messy.


10-16-2010 01:54:44 UTC



10-16-2010 08:41:37 UTC

against Per Kevan.


10-16-2010 10:50:07 UTC

I think rule 2.2.2 makes it clear that Codenames are tracked as seperate entries in the GNDT.

against Self-kill, as it doesn’t look like this is going to pass.