Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I’ve used Cipher 4 to remove Cipher 4 from the rule set. Activity seems to be have picked up since the referendum on that rule (which worked perfectly), and I really can wait two days at maximum for a proposal of mine to see administration.

The other two rules that I added by fiat remain, but may be removed if anyone can get a majority of votes on a proposal to do so.

On a real life note, I’m going to be excruciatingly busy until this Thursday (I have to proctor an exam tomorrow and R-day is my last course), and then I should have all the time to narrate again. The last week has been busy for me as it is the end of semester, and I haven’t written much. Don’t expect anything dazzling from me until then. ;)



03-05-2006 01:42:09 UTC

Now that we can write Story, this shouldn’t be a problem.