Thursday, September 05, 2013

Proposal: Spelling Lessons

Quorums 7-0. — Quirck

Adminned at 06 Sep 2013 01:53:15 UTC

If the Proposal titled “Master Of Your Domain” failed, this Proposal does nothing.

Create a new rule, “Spells”:

Each Apprentice has a number of Spells, tracked in their section of the “Spellbook” wiki page.

A Spell consists of one or more Powers and has an associated Cost. A Spell may not contain more than one instance of the same Power, unless stated otherwise in that Power’s description.

The available Powers are listed as subrules to “Powers”. Each Power has an Effect and a Cost. A Power may also have one or more Parameters that must be specified, indicated by square brackets. The options for each Parameter are listed in the corresponding subrule to “Parameters”, which also indicates the Multiplier attached to each option.

The Cost of a Spell is determined by multiplying the Cost of each included Power by the Multipliers of each chosen Parameter option for that Power, and adding the results.

An Apprentice may Craft a Spell by assembling one or more Powers, choosing the necessary Parameters and spending the Cost of the resulting Spell in Energy. The completed Spell has the Effects of the included Powers, with each Parameter substituted by the chosen option. When an Apprentice Crafts a Spell, they must add it to their section of the “Spellbook” wiki page with a name of their choosing, describing the Spell’s Effects and Cost.

An Apprentice may Cast a Spell by spending its Cost in Energy and carrying out its Effects.

Create empty rules entitled “Powers” and “Parameters”.

Create a subrule to “Powers” entitled “Learn”:

Effect: Add one Level to [Apprentice]‘s Mastery in [Domain].
Cost: 5

Create a subrule to “Parameters” entitled “Apprentice”:

* the casting Apprentice - X1
* (name of an Apprentice, chosen when the spell is Crafted) - X2
* any Apprentice - X3

Create a subrule to “Parameters” entitled “Domain”:

* Fire - X1
* Water - X1
* Nature - X1
* Time - X2
* Arcane - X3
* any Domain - X4

Create the “Spellbook” wiki page and blank it.




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09-05-2013 18:31:02 UTC

What happens to Apprentices that do not have a wiki account? According to this they would not be able to craft a spell, because they _must_ change the corrseponding page in the wiki. Also, While I’m at it, it would be lovely, if the current wizard could create one of those accounts for me. Thank you :)
Apart from that, I like this very much.


09-05-2013 18:55:52 UTC



09-05-2013 18:56:35 UTC

Sphinx: Will do.

Wiki accounts are available to all Apprentices upon request. We should really simplify the process, make every admin a wiki admin and have them set up a wiki account for each new Apprentice when they join. This has been a recurring issue for years now.


09-05-2013 19:15:50 UTC

Why limit Spells to one power if the powers themselves can override that restriction? Seems extraneous.

Also, I need a wiki account too, if it please the current wizard.


09-05-2013 22:23:06 UTC

I do prefer limiting Spells to one instance per power, else you could for example craft one spell to learn multiple domains, and only need to pay the crafting cost once. Also, powers that might be nice to have more than once in a spell could specify themselves, so it’s basically restricting some powers from occurring more than once in a spell, which might make future stuff people make up overpowered…
tl; dr:
It’s not that much of a restriction since powers can override it themselves, but it’s able to restrict powers otherwise too strong.


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09-06-2013 02:06:02 UTC

Still think it’s extraneous, since we could conceivably go through and add multiplicity to all the powers… but not a deal breaker.



09-06-2013 08:42:30 UTC