Saturday, December 08, 2007

Proposal: The Giving Yggdrasil

Timed out. Passed 3-4-0. Enacted by Chivalrybean

Adminned at 10 Dec 2007 11:30:37 UTC

I tried to find something that fit in better with the theme, but this was the best I could find. I’ll try to write it so that if someone finds a more thematic implimentation, changing it will be easy.

Add a new rule called Yggdrasil. It shall cointain the following text

Einherjar can attempt challenges at the Yggdrasil by entering a mystical portal.
There is a type of post called a Challange Post. A Challenge Post is an optional event that a Valkyrie may send one Einherjar to. The Einherjar attempts to pass the challenge using a statistic. A challange post may be made weekly by any Valkyrie by making a story post that has a title starting with “Yggdrasil Challenge:” A Challenge Post consists of a summery, which states what the challenge is, a Challenge Rating, which is a number from 1 to 10, and the prize, which is an amount of acorns. All Challenge Posts are subject to the Allfather’s approval. In any Challenge Post the Allfather may cast an ::against:: vote along with a change to any portion of the Challenge Post. The Allfather then shall those changes into the original post. The Allfather can also cast a Veto vote and the Challenge Post shall have no effect at all.

After a Challenge Post has been made, any Valkyrie other than the one who made the challenge post may once send any one Einherjar they own to the Challenge. This is done by first rolling a DICE8 in the GDNT alongside one Einherjar the Valkyrie owns. Using the resulting number, the Valkyrie shall count from the top of the list of Statistics in the Einherjar rule in the Rule set and select the number they stop on when the reach the rolled number.The selected Statistic shall be the statistic the Einherjar shall use when attempting the challenge. Then the Valkyrie shall make a comment in the Challenge Post declaring which Einherjar they are sending (the one mentioned in the GNDT roll) and which statistic they are using. Included in this post shall be a story of how the Einherjar attempts to the that statistic in the challenge. This is called the Challenge Attempt.

At any point, if there is an unprocessed Challenge Atempt comment in a Challenge Post, the Allfather may process a challenge attempt by examining the differen between an attempting Einherjar’s chosen statistic, the story about the attempt, and roll of a DICE10 to decide if the Einherjar passed the challenge. If the Einherjar passes, the Valkyrie who own the attempting Einherjar gains the benifit of the prize. If the attempt fails, the attempting Einherjar may not again attempt a Challenge Post until the next week.

Challenge Post: Bar Fight

In a seedy bar in the pirate haven of Tortuga,  find yourself in the middle of a brawl!
Prize: 10 acorns
Challenge Rating: 6

Attempt example:

Choose: Charles Schults Roll: 4 (moxie) How: Charles uses the best moves he can muster to jsut plain get outta the bar unharmed!

Allfather sees that Moxie is 0 and Challenge Rating is 6, rolles a 2, sees that the How isn’t too inventive, and will the poor roll, decides that poor Charles gets knocked out and fails the challenge.



12-08-2007 19:19:23 UTC

imperial I like the idea, but there needs to be some set standard regarding the Challenge Rating and whether a challenge is won or failed.

Also, there needs to be some way to close a challenge post to more challenges or the Allfather will have to check every challenge post for new challenges.


12-08-2007 19:21:17 UTC

And there needs to be a way to earn experience through challenges.


12-08-2007 19:33:38 UTC

Yeah… XP would be good, and perhaps varying degrees of success or failure. I was basing this somewhat of the game Duel of Ages, for anyone who has played it.


12-09-2007 04:12:43 UTC



12-09-2007 05:04:14 UTC



12-09-2007 13:31:10 UTC

I’m just worried that it’s too much work, but if it aint, I’m for.  So therefore…  imperial


12-09-2007 13:47:10 UTC

If this passes, how does everyone feel about gaining a number of experience equal to the challenge rating when an Einherjar wins a challenge?


12-09-2007 22:50:05 UTC

imperial I like the idea, but like Jack, it’s up to Hix doing the work.


12-10-2007 00:55:01 UTC



12-10-2007 15:25:44 UTC

I tried to make as little work for Hix as possible, and put most of the effort on the Valkyries. I didn’t want to make it all random number, so that’s why I included the bit about writing a little story that can effect the outcome a bit. I’m not sure how Busy Hix is, but if removed that bit, we could make Hix’s intervention as little as a Yes or No vote.

What do you think, Hix?


12-10-2007 17:58:08 UTC

I’m waiting to pass this until Hix has a say, if so desired.


12-10-2007 17:59:09 UTC

Okay, so this is the process, right?

1) Someone makes a Challenge, which includes a difficulty level and a reward.

2) Someone _else_ attempts the challenge by choosing an Einherjar, and then choosing a random stat of that Einherjar, and then writing a story about the attempt.

3) I decide whether the attempt succeeds based on a) the difficulty b) the Einherjar’s stat c) the quality of the story, and d) an additional random DICE10 factor.

That’s okay with me.  I take it that it is intended that several Einherjar (each belonging to a different Valkyrie) might attempt the same challenge?

Looks to me like I can VETO Challenge Posts once they get too old, to “turn them off” without undoing the effects that have already occurred because of them.


12-10-2007 19:29:38 UTC

Yes, that is how I intended it to work. This also allows for no one to pass or fail without Hix’s approval, in case there is somehow something fishy in a challenge.