Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Declaration of Victory: This is going nowhere.

Fails 4-0 after Dragonmaster has voted on it.—Rodney

Adminned at 09 Oct 2008 05:59:45 UTC

Okay, I come in here and notice that all proposals are far into overtime, and that someone wants to be idled.  After that, I notice that a lot of us (Amnistar, Devenger, Joe, Oze, SPBM, Spikebrennan, Thrawn, and I) should be idled for not posting anything for over 7 days.  This is a mess.  I will fix it.  Vote…for me.



10-08-2008 18:27:32 UTC

against This is no way to end a Dynasty.

If we absolutely cannot go on, there are better ways. We could have a final tournament of hardcore duels until we have only a single Breeder left, who wins. Not this.


10-08-2008 18:57:12 UTC

against .  First, if you want to end the dynasty, do what I did last time and use a proposal. 

Second, if the dynasty has stagnated, it is probably preferable to fix it by introducing some extra mechanics that make the dynasty more exciting.  In this case, we need some further incentives to do Duels.  I tried to do exactly this with the Rank proposals, but got shut down.

Finally, given how you handled your last dynasty, I would prefer someone more mature (e.g. arthexis) to run the next one.


10-08-2008 20:22:13 UTC

against I’ve been busy offline so i’m touch and go but still Rod, as the others said, make a proposal or two. And your an admin too so whats keeping ya from enacting the proposals?


10-09-2008 02:47:58 UTC

against I have been traveling due to business and haven’t had a chance to post regularly or admin, which in this case means I’ll probably won’t win this dinasty, but I’ll try to be more active when I have a chance.