Sunday, March 12, 2006

Proposal: Three, two, one, Wheeeeeeeeeee!

Failed due to self-kill.—Shadowclaw

Adminned at 14 Mar 2006 06:55:06 UTC

Add a new item to the list in the rule entitled “Movement” which reads as follows:

All Gostaks have Dosh-powered Rockets.  Occasionally, each Gostak may destroy any amount of Distimmed Dosh between 1 and the amount of Distimmed Dosh e has (inclusive).  E then moves up DICEX Floors, where X is the square root of twice the amount of Dosh E destroyed, rounding down.  If this would put em on the 13th Floor or above the 1st Floor, or if e is in Hell, the Rocket malfunctions and e does not move.

Add the following text to the end of the rule entitled “Distimming”:

Any Gostak who has some Distimmed Dosh may give one of eir Distimmed Dosh to another Gostak at any time.



03-12-2006 20:07:17 UTC

against Might as well say the first gostak with 20 dosh wins


03-12-2006 20:08:49 UTC

for CoV, nevermind, I thought a rule was there that wasn’t.


03-12-2006 22:56:04 UTC

against  against  against
1) It’s currently possible to get an arbitrary amount of rocket fuel at the Distimmery.  Ugh.
2) It doesn’t say I must decrease MY OWN Dosh to use my rocket.
3) I think we may need to introduce some disadvantage to carrying DD around, so I don’t want it able to be given away.


03-13-2006 01:48:48 UTC



03-13-2006 01:58:49 UTC

1)The rocket is unpredictable and inaccurate when large amounts of fuel are used.  Use too much and you risk a malfunction (which, as written, still consumes Dosh).  Once you use it, it has a large “cooling off period.”  Thus, the design of the rocket limits the influence of unlimited fuel, since you can’t aim any more precisely than “somewhere between here and Floor X.

2)You can’t destroy Dosh you don’t have, accorting to a precedent from the Zombie dynasty.

3)I, for one, would like to encourage the sharing of Dosh within a production group and a Dosh-based economy.


03-13-2006 02:20:15 UTC



03-13-2006 16:15:05 UTC



03-13-2006 16:45:48 UTC



03-13-2006 18:00:57 UTC

against [Bucky] I don’t really think that a precedent should count when it wasn’t documented in the ruleset - would be very unfair to invalidate a clever scam or ingenious scam-foiling simply because a quorum of players felt a certain way about something three years before the performer joined the game.


03-13-2006 18:10:31 UTC

against Yeah, precedent is definitely not an okay thing to base this kind of thing on, since a) lots of us weren’t there, and the rest could just make them up, and b) the function of precedents in general is to cover otherwise undefined or ambiguous situations - this one is not ambiguous at all. The rule says I can destroy a certain amount of dosh, and makes no provision whatsoever for where it has to come from. Therefore, it can come from anywhere. If there were rules about ownership (which there should be) this hole might be covered by the main ruleset, but right now it isn’t.

Angry Grasshopper:

03-13-2006 22:36:35 UTC

I like the idea, and as it gives us something (and I’m sure we’ll come up with others) to do with Dosh. Also I like rockets.

I do not like destroying Dosh that somebody else owns to use my own rockets, though.



03-14-2006 04:09:12 UTC

against  as I have a fixed version coming up.