Wednesday, May 03, 2006


As the (self-proclaimed) most musical monk in the abbey, I hereby start a chant.  Since this is my first chant, I’m making it obvious and spelling out my logic for GNDT changes so that e who cares can check.

Because I chant at A-18N, all the following chant.

Rodney A-18N
Smith A-18N
Purplebeard A-18M
TAE A-14R (just reached via the hall)

The following don’t chant

Igthorn A-22N (through a door)
Hix (too far, already chanted)
Plorkyeran (too far)
Ralff (through a door)
Bucky (too far, through a wall)
AG (too far, through a wall)

Purplebeard and TAE can’t reach anybody that I can’t.  Therefore, they don’t start any chants.

As a result I get 5 Integrity (1 for myself and 1 for the others chanters listed above) and each of the other chanters gets 1 (for themselves).



05-05-2006 08:10:50 UTC

Well, I’ve still got two pending proposals to be admin’d so I guess I just have to chant again for now.