Saturday, February 21, 2015

Error: You have surpassed the Private Message sending limit for a 24 hour period

Can we get this limit increased? As it is, I’m being locked out of participating in the Dynasty by the software.

(I’m going to send Kevan emails to substitute for PMs, for the time being.)



21-02-2015 01:08:21 UTC

Oh, and anyone who’s actively communicating with me via PM at the moment: I’m on IRC, or else you can contact me via email at callforjudgement at yahoo dot co dot uk. You’ll need to send me an email so that I know your email address to be able to send you a reply.


21-02-2015 01:35:28 UTC

Having the same problem here.


21-02-2015 01:37:15 UTC

lolz what are yall up to??? That’s not very nice!


21-02-2015 01:38:07 UTC

And to ais523: thanks, but too late.


21-02-2015 02:28:24 UTC

What is the limit? I must know if I should conserve my sending…


21-02-2015 17:59:42 UTC

By the way, sorry to everyone who I was helping with strategy. It feels awfully rude of me to just stop communicating in the middle of negotiations, but I didn’t have a choice.


21-02-2015 20:26:01 UTC

You tried your best ais523.

Kevan: City he/him

21-02-2015 21:01:08 UTC

Didn’t realise we even had a setting for this.

For the benefit of future admins and anybody else searching the web with the same problem, it’s a setting on each member group, accessible through (as of 2015) the Member Group manager. Players and Adminstrators both had their limit set at 20 per day - I’ve raised it to 100.


21-02-2015 21:07:22 UTC

I didn’t realise there was a limit until I hit it. I might have been able to play around it otherwise.

Kevan: City he/him

21-02-2015 21:10:18 UTC

“A Crewmember should not deliberately exploit bugs or unexpected behaviours in the software running the game”! (I didn’t realise there was a limit either.)