Monday, October 20, 2008

Proposal: Grabthar’s Hammer

Passes 9-0—arthexis

Adminned at 21 Oct 2008 21:37:03 UTC

Adopt a new dynastic rule, called “Items”, reading as follows:

Each Clansman may hold zero, one or two Items.  The Items held by each Clansman shall be tracked in the GNDT.  The Items held by a particular Clansman may be referred to as being in that Clansman’s Inventory.  The list of valid Items is set forth in a sub-rule to this rule, entitled “List of Valid Items”.  Each Item’s entry in the List of Valid Items will set forth the name of the Item, the conditions that must be satisfied in order for a particular Clansman to hold the item (such as, for example, maximum or minimum statistics of that Clansman, incompatibility with other Items, or other conditions such as “no more than two of this Item may be held by all Clansmen in the aggregate”), and the game effects of the Item.  A Clansman may only obtain or remove an Item from his Inventory as the ruleset or gamestate documents permit.  Each Clansman initially holds no Items in his Inventory.

Adopt a subrule to Items, called “List of Valid Items”, with no content.




10-20-2008 16:58:57 UTC

imperial Why a 2 item limit?


10-20-2008 17:01:16 UTC

To keep the GNDT tidy, and so people don’t just try to munchkin up and grab every item, but rather think carefully about what items they really want.

Darknight: HE/HIM

10-20-2008 17:18:23 UTC



10-20-2008 18:12:59 UTC


Kevan: HE/HIM

10-20-2008 18:55:24 UTC

for Sounds good.


10-20-2008 19:51:59 UTC



10-20-2008 21:01:06 UTC



10-20-2008 21:36:04 UTC

I don’t see this doing much, and I’m concerned about GNDT clutter.  No vote yet.


10-20-2008 23:03:17 UTC

against I feel that the idea is good, but the GNDT is not the best place to keep track of items.


10-21-2008 12:55:45 UTC



10-21-2008 16:58:03 UTC

for CoV, aw forget it, I’ll just try to lower the clutter in some way…