Tuesday, April 02, 2024

Replacing All Criteria

Keeping up with the Jones -

snap contains a tree - ec86f794dc9196fe33348c2cd4627899506c5c0b2fca30e1de10dc0a98eb5e09 seed:nady6
snap contains a street - b6f20f401c1c93e80ee34fbdb371faf90b9a20a5fba01d53af72fd821d418785 seed:nady7
snap contains the sky - 0c50c36d7e676be32a644ebac854d3c69d77e8607e02bd3e9e6dc40b59eba955 seed:nady8
snap contains a line - 17f28745e83d9f0638213326fea04856359d6081e751536dac250c40bb105842 seed: xghrd
snap contains grass - f2067a99f360e52733096a2e3c360bc239cac43926a3dbbd1c27e347bf915cfd seed;nady9


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