Friday, March 09, 2018

Proposal: Wonderland

reached quorum 5-0 enacted by card

Adminned at 09 Mar 2018 20:43:34 UTC

If The Glass has not passed this proposal does nothing.
Make a new rule called “Land” with the text:

The wikipage [[Alice]] is gamestate and can’t be edited unless permitted by the ruleset. It has two boards, one named Spades and the other named Hearts which are 17x17; the rightmost column has a number from 0 to 16, leaving the last element blank while the bottomost row has a number in each column from 0 to 16 leaving the last column blank. On the wikipage those numbers are represented in base 16 so that the spaceing of the table is preserved as much as possible. The aforementioned row and column may never have pieces or terrain in them. The numbers in them only exist for the purposes of notation and they are not considered to be part of the board.

Each cell of each board can contain pieces, as defined in the Pieces rule, and terrain, as outlined in the “Book” rule, separated by commas. A cell is notated by “(Z,Y)” where Z is the number of the column and Y is the number of the row (contrary to matrix notation). A cell that is specific to a particular board is prefixed with an “H” or “S” respectivly.

Make a sub rule of Land named “Pieces” with the text:

Pieces are elements on the boards which can or have already moved from one cell to another cell.
An avatar of each Pawn that is not a King is represented on the Spades and Hearts board by ‘PX’. X tracks the Piece Number assigned to that Pawn. The Piece Number is a positive non-zero integer. When a Pawn unidles they get the lowest unused Piece Number assigned to them and their avatars are placed on the boards.
An avatar of each King is represented on their respective board with a ‘K’.
When a Pawn is placed on a board they are placed on a cell (X,Y). Y is the highest numbered row that has at least one cell that does not contain a piece. X is a column number that is randomly chosen from the empty cells in Y.

Assign a random number to each Pawn that is not a King, which is less than the number of unidled Pawns and has not already been assigned. Place all of the Pawn avatars on their boards. Place the King avatars at (0,8).



03-09-2018 08:00:56 UTC

Ack.. we double proposed the same one :D… We’ll have to wait for the final proposal (since we’ve got our two). Do I cancel mine ?


03-09-2018 08:02:36 UTC

Ok you edited your into the last proposal (why didn’t I think of that lol)


03-09-2018 08:53:36 UTC

The boards that are currently set up are 16x16, with 15x15 whitespace, not 17x17.


03-09-2018 09:34:41 UTC

[nqeron] are you sure? when I look at them I see columns and rows that run from 0 to F (15) and then one more for the notation cells, which should add up to 17.


03-09-2018 14:22:52 UTC



03-09-2018 14:51:09 UTC



03-09-2018 17:39:34 UTC



03-09-2018 17:39:35 UTC


@card you’re right